25 August 2009

de la lume adunate...

Respectiv din Salonic (cel mai hippie punct al Europei) si din Tarifa (cel mai sudic punct al Europei), figurine metalice si margelute pictate... intr-o salba adunate. N-as putea pune pret pe acest "colier" pentru ca o e insiruire de amintiri frumoase... si din cate stiu eu...nu prea se pot vinde :)

My present to myself! If you want one too...I'll have my people call some people..and it can be arranged ;)

24 August 2009

This kettle can call the pot...

...whatever it wants!
While we're on the subject, in a series of new experiments i love the way this porcelain kettle turned out - a present for my mom (actually just the manual work, the kettle she already had)!

orange mill

I'm trying out different materials for my mills... Spain has a lot of windmills, old and new, so in honor of my trip to Spain I thought I'd imagine a more Spanish -looking mill. Just in the experiment stage right now...but if anyone wants to buy it I'll be sure to place a price tag on it ;)

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